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Title The 2007 Summary of Quality Assessments of CINA Deluxe
Author Havener, LA
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Publication Type (Help) booklet
Month September
Year 2007
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Citation Havener LA. The 2007 Summary of Quality Assessments of CINA Deluxe. Springfield, IL: North American Association of Central Cancer Registries, September 2007. []


Data used for cancer incidence statistics are reviewed annually and certified when they meet NAACCR standards for high-quality incidence data. However, as uses of the data submitted to NAACCR expand beyond calculation of incidence statistics and data files are made available to researchers for analytic and surveillance research, the need to expand data evaluation has become apparent. Therefore, all researchers granted access to use the NAACCR analytic files, referred to as CINA Deluxe, are asked to provide a report of their review of the quality of the file as it pertains to their proposed project. In addition, staff conduct ad hoc assessments of CINA Deluxe regarding data elements that have suspected or potential data quality concerns that could affect information of interest to the membership. This report includes summaries from quality assessment reviews of the CINA Deluxe dataset as well as reviews from researchers.


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